A Fresh Start

Hello, I’m back.

I’ve been wanting to return to blogging for the longest time. However, I encountered some technical difficulties in my previous blog. My pictures were hotlinked to a third-party photo bank because it was easier for me to keep my pictures in order. Sometime mid last year and without warning, my pictures were suddenly replaced with an unflattering image saying that hotlinking was no longer available until I pay a hefty monthly subscription.

Aw hell naw.

Instead of trying to retrieve all my photos and fix my old blog, I decided to start fresh in a new domain. It’s my way of rebranding my blog with a more definite theme while keeping true to who I am. I started my old blog with random thoughts and possibly nonsense before easing my way to photographs, travel posts, and DIY projects. Then I had a separate blog for my writing exercises. I even had another on LJ when LJ was still a thing. It felt cluttered with so many things happening in so many blogs. With this new start, I’m going to merge two of my blogs, filter the posts that I want to share with the public, and reorganize my thoughts that would fit the theme of the blog.

And that is rediscovering and rekindling my creative side.

(Funny how this feels like a corporate planning where the board of directors have to go back to the mission of the company before planning for future projects.)

I feel like I’ve lost my creativity in the past years, ever since I gave up my time to blog for work. It didn’t help that micro-blogging became a thing and we all had to condense our thoughts to 140 (now 280 characters). I miss the days where I could write a long and coherent post in one sitting. Heck, this first post took days to compose.

I feel lighter with the fresh start. It’s a clean table for me to mess up and create better ideas. I’m posting this on the new year so that I feel like I’m starting new. I won’t delete my old blogs. I’ll still keep them because they are my memories and my past, and I’m sure there are gems that I would want to revisit sometime. It’s like putting my old stuff in storage while moving to a new home.

Hopefully I will be able to post regularly. I will push myself to think and create faster. I know art and creativity take time, but giving a deadline is good exercise for the brain. So be patient with me if I start crappy. As Anne Lamott said, “All good writers write shitty first drafts. This is how they end up with good second drafts and terrific third drafts.”

So, welcome to A Messy Desk. Here’s to rediscovering creativity and rekindling my love for writing, photography, and DIY projects.

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