Writing Challenge #2 (Day 4)

Imagine you’re unable to leave a room for the next 7 days. Chronicle each of the days, using a maximum of 100 words for each day.

Day 4

I sink deeper in the tub. The warm water immediately/ relaxes my back muscles and I instantly feel the fatigue/ wearing off.

“This is what freedom feels like,” I say/ as I prepare myself to forget my usual spot at/ the desk and the mission that I had marked as/ accomplished.

After hitting send yesterday, I had not heard from/ the Voice since. I was told not to leave the/ room, but I was relieved from my duties. I had/ hoped for my freedom from the room, but that small/ piece of good news was enough for now.


I/ reach for my phone. I almost drop my phone in/ the water as I read the message.

“Mission failed. Repeat.”/ [110 words]

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