Writing Challenge #2 (Day 7)

Imagine you’re unable to leave a room for the next 7 days. Chronicle each of the days, using a maximum of 100 words for each day.

Day 7

I am at the end of the given time frame/ to formulate the script. It has been submitted and I/ anxiously wait for a response.

I pace in the room./ Back and forth, back and forth.

Even my companions in/ the room are restless.

“Should we call?” One asks.

“No,”/ I reply. “Give them time to review and test the/ script.”

The pacing continues. Back and forth, back and forth./

Ding. My phone lights up. One message received.

“Script accepted./ Pack up.”

The pacing suddenly transforms into jumps and cheers./ We are free.

Ding. “Expect next instructions next week.”

Free,/ for now. [102 words]

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