Super Blue Blood Moon

January 31. The date of the rare super blue blood moon, where the moon is experiencing a full moon, a blue moon, a lunar eclipse, and a blood moon all on one night.

According to PAGASA, the best viewing time to see the moon at it’s full glory is at 8:51 PM. I started taking photos at 7:30 PM to test my camera settings and check how to properly take photos of the moon.

I’ll be updating the post from time to time.

DSC_6501_1-1 (2)
7:20 PM
Kinda cheated on this. I took two photos — the first was an exposed photo so that I have a good exposure of the clouds and the trees as a frame, and second with a different settings to focus on the moon. I combined the two photos on Photoshop. I need to learn how to edit moon shots better.

8:20 PM
200mm, 1/125, F/11, ISO 200

DSC_6545_1-19:30 PM
200mm, 1/10, F/5.6, ISO 1600
This is the best I could do. There wasn’t much light reflection on the moon so I had to amp up the ISO and it turned out hella grainy. I also didn’t have a tripod so I had to rely on the tuck-in-arms-and-inhale while taking a shot and avoiding movement.


10:00 PM
200mm, 1.3 secs, f/14, ISO 1600
I FINALLY FIGURED OUT THE RIGHT SETTINGS. I probably should put better, because I’m not sure if that’s the proper settings. I decided to give it one last try since the moon was in a better position where I didn’t have to stand in an uncomfortable position. I also remembered that I had a gorillapod and I just had to attach it to a sturdy chair.

The header photo is a combination of all the moon phases from 7:30 PM up to around 10:00 PM. I didn’t edit any of the colors or sharpen the images. I only used Photoshop to put all the moons on one frame.

Oh the things you learn when you wing it.

Also seen on Instagram and on Tumblr [1][2].

3 thoughts on “Super Blue Blood Moon

  1. Love your header photo, Ate Yumi! 🙂 I don’t know if you remember me from Blogspot/Tumblr days, but just want you to know that I’m glad to have found you again recently on Instragram and here on your blog! Cheers! ❤


      1. I remember you when I think about American Idol days before! I loved reading your blog and looking at your photos then. ❤


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