New section: Brain Fart

I’m introducing a new section to the blog. Because I’m currently in a writing slump in the third writing challenge (don’t worry, I’m not going to abandon it!), I had to think of other ways to update the blog.

Having a brain fart is referred to trying to remember something very obvious, or when a train of thought goes haywire. There are other definitions in urban dictionary that are very negative, but I think I’m going to go with a weird train of thought with a reflective twist to it.

This section will feature thoughts on books, movies, current issues, and life in general. My posts will be reflections of how I relate to the text or event, rather than a review. (If you want actual book reviews, go check out blurredlights. He regularly posts book reviews and an occasional movie review) If you’re familiar with reader connections, then that’s what I’ll be doing — text to self, text to text, and text to world connections.

This is also a way to keep me sane and stop my brain from overthinking. The world is getting crazier and noisier with social media and I need an outlet where I am left with my own thoughts without new posts popping every second. I know blogging is not a thing anymore, but I find it to be an effective way to do self-care. Counselors and psychiatrists recommend writing down thoughts to note down good days and bad days, and find the effective strategies from the good days to overcome the bad days.

So what are your thoughts? Here’s mine.

(Brain and cloud images are courtesy of Freepik)

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