Writing Challenge #4: 3 Minutes (Part 1)

A woman’s life changes drastically in the next 3 minutes. What about it in 500 words.

Note: This is going to be a series of posts. The first part will be related to the challenge, the rest will be a follow up to the story. When I was thinking about what to write for the challenge, I came up with the idea of letting the story unfold from different points-of-view. I blame this idea on the game Werewolf and the movie Murder on the Orient Express. heh.


Daisy stood paralyzed in front of the mob that was accusing her of murder.

“I am the princess!” She pleaded. Daisy was ordered by her parents to never leave the castle without permission, a guard, and a cover over her face. She had been an obedient daughter for the longest time of her life and that one day (that one darn day) she decided to experience the city like a normal villager, a person ends up stabbed to death.

To add to her luck, the body was discovered by the town guards at the town square, just a few meters where she was also found sneaking in a carpenter’s workshop. She was lost, and she thought that by walking through the carpenter’s shop and exiting through the back door, she would find a more familiar road.

Daisy was immediately dragged to the station, where a mob was waiting to conduct a public trial.

“You’re not the princess!” One person shouted.

“Prove to us that you’re indeed royalty!” Another demanded.

“Where are your guards?”

“What are you doing in my shop? My chisel is missing!”

“I saw her sneaking away from the body!”

“She was caught red handed! To the gallows!”

Questions were thrown left and right. Daisy could only cower in fear as the crowd became angrier with the increasing volume of their accusations.

“Is this even legal? Shouldn’t there be a judge?” Daisy asked the security for help, which was returned with a shrug. Even they seemed sure that she was the killer. The town guards were not allowed in the kingdom and had no way to verify if she was the princess. The only people who have seen her face were her personal guards, her parents, and her tutor. Princesses were only presented to the kingdom when they were 21, and Daisy still had 6 years of studies to go before her coronation.

After a few minutes that felt like hours for Daisy, a loud booming voice stopped the screams. “Halt!”

All heads turned towards the voice. An audible gasp was heard as the people recognized the head of the royal security. He made his way through the crowd with a commanding stride, his face stern and furious.

He turned to the crowd and glowered. “All of you are summoned to the King’s court! News of your illegal trial has reached the King and you all face a serious crime of accusing the princess of murder!”

The mob that was previously clamorous suddenly turned silent. They stared in shock at the revelation that the girl that they were accusing was telling the truth.

The head of royalty security pointed to the town guards. “Take them to my office,” he ordered to his entourage of royal guards. “I will show them what a real trial means.”

He then motioned for Daisy’s personal guards to escort her to the royal carriage and take her back to the castle. “The King and Queen want a word with you too, your majesty. I promised that I’ll return with you alive and in one piece.”

Daisy fought the urge to hug the head of royalty security for saving her from an untimely and humiliating death. She instead nodded in acknowledgement. “Thank you, general.”

As Daisy was transported back to the castle, she knew that she would receive a ton of scolding by her parents and security would be tighter. She also realized she didn’t have knowledge of the streets and how the town functioned. Despite the unfortunate event, it was exhilarating to discover something new and unknown. She wanted to learn more about the people she would govern one day.

Then, she had an idea.

Maybe she could ask her tutor to tell her stories of the people outside the castle walls. And maybe throw in the map so she would be more familiar in navigating the streets of the kingdom.

Sneaking out of the castle again was out of the picture.

“For now,” she smirked as she watched the castle gates close behind her. [672 words whoops]

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