Writing Challenge #4: 3 Minutes (Part 2)

A woman’s life changes drastically in the next 3 minutes. What about it in 500 words.

This doesn’t relate to the prompt anymore (but could still qualify since the character is still a woman). This is a continuation of the previous post just because I decided to follow a story line of a werewolf game. Can you figure out the roles?

P.S. I’m not happy with how I wrote this. It’s been sitting on my desktop for so long and I had to force myself to finish it, no matter how fugly the writing is. I’m posting a shtty first draft. I’ll return to this one day and fix it. I promise. For now, my main objective is to finish a story.

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Lizzie never thought that her first on-the-job experience would be fighting a masked killer who managed to slip into a locked room and attempted to kill the princess.

Right after the murder that happened in the townsquare, the King hired Lizzie to be Princess Daisy’s lady-in-waiting. He wanted eyes on the princess at all times and make sure that she doesn’t sneak out again. Eyebrows were raised when Lizzie was hired because she was known to be the general’s shy daughter who always kept to herself. But in reality, she could pack a punch. She was personally trained by her father to spot and stop a threat. And in just under twenty-four hours after her hiring, her lady-in-waiting persona transformed into a personal guard.

“Oh you thought!” Lizzie growled as she lunged at the masked person. Princess Daisy and her tutor were having their afternoon lesson in the library when Lizzie heard a click, some shuffling, and breathing that didn’t belong to any of the three people authorized to be in the room. As she went to investigate, she found that someone scaled the tower of the castle and picked the window lock. A person dressed in black from head to toe passed by her like a shadow. As he was about to stab the princess from behind, Lizzie made her move.

The dagger fell from the killer’s hand with a loud clang. Despite the shock, the princess managed to gather herself and kick the dagger away and far from the killer’s reach. The tutor used herself as a shield and stood in front of the princess. Lizzie tried to pin down the killer, but he punched her in the jaw and wriggled out of her grasp.

He ran towards the princess’ direction.

Lizzie grabbed his foot and tackled him to the ground. “To the garden!” she commanded. It was their secret code to the hidden door at the back of the library leading to the princess’ room. “And signal the chair!” The chair meant the throne, or the King.

The tutor scrambled to pick up the shaken princess. “Come on, your highness.” They disappered between the bookshelves, leaving Lizzie to deal with the killer. They wrestled and punched. Lizzie noticed that the killer had the strength of a skilled person, like he could lift heavy sacks of grain or pull heavy equipment. Lizzie was thankful that she did not skip weights training and she was able to match the killer’s energy.

Then she heard reinforcements outside the library doors. Lizzie felt relief that she was finally going to put this man in jail.

The soldiers banged on the door. “Let us in! Unlock the door!”

Lizzie suddenly remembered. She locked the library doors earlier. “Just barge in! My hands are full!” She screamed. She did not care if the soldiers had to ram through an ancient door that had been preserved for centuries. She’ll deal with the consequences later.

For now, the killer was on the top of her list, who was now face down on the ground with his hands tied behind his back. Lizzie used her belt to secure his suspect. She dug her knee into his back and put her full weight on it whenever he would struggle or attempt to wriggle free.

The door clicked open. Lizzie turned her head to see the princess holding a set of keys as the soldiers scrambled in the library to surround her and the killer.

Lizzie smiled. Princess Daisy had her back too.

The soldiers pulled the killer to his feet and pulled the mask off.

It was the baker. He was one of the suspects in the town killing because he was known to have a bad temper. And according to some people, he usually threatened those who owned him money. And one of them ended up dead.

The princess gasped. “I recognize him! He was one of those who was in the alley where I was spotted!”

“Congratulations, you just secured an appearance with the king for attempting to stab the princess and a spot in the dungeon for killing a man,” Lizzie said. “Game over.”

The killer scowled at Lizzie as he was dragged away. [700 words]

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