Writing Challenge #4: 3 Minutes (Part 3)

A woman’s life changes drastically in the next 3 minutes. What about it in 500 words.

A continuation to the murder story and this time, it’s Charles’ story in 3 minutes. Hopefully, I can wrap this up in 5 parts and move on to the next writing prompt.


The weather wasn’t warm, but Charles could feel his clothes slowly getting drenched in sweat.

Mayor Charles thought that the kingdom would sleep in peace, after hearing the news that Lizzie — the Princess Daisy’s lady-in-waiting turned personal guard — caught the killer the other day. He ordered that the town guards would do double rounds of inspections during the night time and made sure that everyone followed the midnight curfew.

All was well until another dead body was found near the ports.

The whole body was mutilated, as if something slashed the skin open, revealing his organs. It was beyond unrecognizable. Strangely, the heart was missing.

The whole town was rattled and news about the horrific discovery quickly spread. So fast that an hour after the mayor heard about it, he was immediately called for an audience with the King. Generally, Mayor Charles would be thrilled to be in the presence of the King and discuss positive developments in the town.

Not this time. Nothing was positive about a death.

His heart pounded as he stood in the throne room and waited for the King to arrive. He barely had any information on the killing and he certainly wasn’t prepared for any of the King’s queries.

A few moments later, the King barged in the room, fuming mad.

“What’s this I hear about another killer on the loose?” The King didn’t wait for his secretary to announce his arrival. He went straight to the topic of discussion.

Mayor Charles bowed and nervously wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Y-yes, your Majesty. A man was killed by the ports and I have sent the guards to investigate and find the killer.”

“Two deaths. Two deaths in a week! Three if Lizzie didn’t stop the baker from killing my daughter. This is the most deaths in a week that this kingdom has experienced. All under your term.”

Mayor Charles could only stare at the floor. He wanted to explain that he was doing everything — hire the best detective, double the security at night, and even consult the town seer (he was that desperate) — to find the killer. But nothing seemed to go right his way so he thought it was wise to keep quiet.

The King sighed and sat on the throne. He rubbed his temples in frustration. “The kingdom will go into a state of panic if these murders reach the other towns. Word travels fast.”

Charles nodded. “I-I will order that the investigation be hastened and security tripled.”

The King called for his secretary. “Prepare my hiking clothes and call for the general. We’re going out.”

“Out, your majesty?” Charles and the King’s secretary said in unison.

“I want to see for myself how they’re conducting this–” He waved his hand, “–investigation.”

“Your majesty, but the killer–” the secretary objected, alarmed.

“I promise, your majesty, that we’re doing the best and everything to catch the killer.” Charles added, not wanting to put another precious life in danger.

There was no stopping the King. “That’s why I want the general with me. I know he can protect me. I will be on top of this investigation and I want this solved immediately.”

“Very well, your majesty. I shall prepare your requests.” The secretary still looked worried as he left the throne room.

The King stood up and put his hand on the Mayor’s shoulder. “Not to worry. I will help and we shall catch this devil.” [581 words]

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