Flower Bookmark with Wax Seal

Part of my self-care project for this year is to return to reading. I don’t have a reading goal because I don’t want to pressure and stress myself. I want to go with the flow and just exchange the time of scrolling through social media with reading. So far, I’ve been successful. I’ve finished two books and is currently reading a new one.

I’m working through my book pile, which means I need new bookmarks to go with my books.

While scrolling through Pinterest, I came across an idea that I wanted to copy and try.

I have a lot of scrap cardboard stashed for DIY projects. I keep those which are sturdy and could last a long time. This one was from the package when I bought a casing for my iPad mini.



The backside of the cardboard was white, so I had something to work with. Then for the flower decorations, I took a page from an adult coloring book and painted it. Ceres gave me the coloring book for Christmas but I never used it for its intended purpose. I’ve used it for my planners, for personalized tumblers, and now for this bookmark.


To make it pop out like the one from the pin, I had to fold the flower cutouts in half and attach half of it to another piece of paper. Yes, even the second piece of paper is recycled.


I made additions to the original design. Instead of drawing the stalk, I used some twine (or whatever you call it) and attached one end to the top of the cardboard.

Then, here came the fun and new part.

Ceres gifted me with a wax seal stamp for Christmas. I haven’t used it because I didn’t know where to use it besides letters. Snail mail isn’t a thing anymore. So when the idea of making a bookmark came, I already knew where to place the stamp.


I decided to make two bookmarks. One as sample or for testing and another as final cut for photos and videos. Because for sure, I’ll make a mistake (Spoiler: it happened.)

I had two colored wax sticks. I cut a piece from each and melted them together in the spoon.



It took me around 1-2 minutes to fully melt the wax. I poured the wax over the twine on the other end of the bookmark, then gently pressed the stamp over the wax. It was another waiting game to let the wax set before peeling off the stamp.



Going back to the spoiler. I made a mistake on the first bookmark. The stamp is supposed to make a letter Y print, but it came out as an inverted Y. lol I flipped the bookmark just because I don’t want to show my booboo.


I assembled the rest of the bookmark by attaching the flower to top end of the bookmark and adding some leaf cutouts. And tah-dah! New flowery bookmarks that will bloom new insights and information during reading dates.


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