Customized Chalkboard Phone Case

I rarely change phone cases. I bought a clear case two years ago so I could customize the design whenever I felt like it. However, the case yellowed out over time (maybe because of the heat when I’m charging the phone) and affected the look of my customized cases.


I asked my officemate to buy me a new phone case only because I saw her Stitch phone case and I wanted a Disney one too. Since last year, I’ve been using my Minnie Mouse case. (I really hate Minnie Mouse, as you can see).


I’ve dropped my phone too many times (thank you for shockproof cases) that I noticed a crack on my case a few weeks ago. I picked and pried it open, and the design part completely separated from the case.








The case was still usable and I didn’t want to spend for a new case again. Might as well DIY a design so that I’m not left with a boring black case.

I tried different kinds of adhesive materials to test on the surface of the case. Regular stickers came off easily so that was a no. Washi tape was the best option but I wanted something more customized.

For this project, I used chalkboard sticker sheets and chalkboard markers from Noted.

Chalkboard Sticker Sheets + Chalkboard Markers

I drew two designs — one for testing/future use and one for current use. I’m not used to doodling freehand so it was definitely a leap of faith. There was no room for mistakes.

But first, coffee.
Create. Doodle. Coffee.

After doodling, it was time to attach the sticker paper. I used the Create design for the meantime for testing. I want to see how long it’ll stay attached to the case, because I’m planning to cut the coffee design in a circle and attach it without the Washi tape.



I used washi tape (glad I have washi tape with a black background) to secure one side of the sticker paper.


Here’s to hoping that it doesn’t smudge. I did a light smudge test and it looks like the colors are intact. I have a back-up plan for the other design if I end up smudging the design from holding my phone all the time.

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