Quick Weekend Getaway in Singapore

It’s another Singapore post.

After going solo last year, a duo trip was planned this year. It was a quick weekend getaway, just to celebrate Ceres’ birthday. We only had three days but we still managed to squeeze in a lot of activities and visit the major spots in our itinerary.

We agreed to just explore the area near our hotel in Bras Basah. We did not include the places that needed an MRT ride so that we don’t spend too much time taking line transfers. It was also cheaper to just split the taxi fares and more convenient after hours and hours of walking around the city.

I don’t have pictures from our first day despite bringing my camera for the rest of the night.¬†We just familiarized ourselves with the area (even if I was a bit familiar with it because that was the area of the conference I attended last year) and checked out Bugis+, a mall which was a block away from our hotel. Oh we also went to Bras Basah complex to visit Cat Socrates, my favorite craft store in Singapore.

Most of my pictures were taken on the second day. We went to Chinatown in the morning to buy chocolates to bring home (half of my luggage was filled with chocolates to give away) then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in Marina Bay Sands where we checked out the Art Science Museum, Gardens by the Bay, and the Bay Area.



DSC_6745I will forever love the colorful facade of Chinatown.




Marina Bay Sands

I was finally able to check off my Marina Bay checklist: the Art Science Museum and Gardens by the Bay. I wasn’t able to check out those two last time because I ended up on the wrong side of the bay and I was too tired to keep on walking to get to the Gardens and the Museum. But for this trip, I was able to achieve that plan. Woohoo!



DSC_6862I’ll save the pictures of the Art Science Museum for another post. Museums tend to have low light and it takes a lot of set up for me to get good shots from a DSLR. These three are the only photos I took inside the Art Science Museum using my camera. The rest of the pictures I have are from my phone.


I literally laid down on the ground to take this shot.



DSC_6906View of the Singapore Flyer from far. One day, I’ll ride that huge thing.

The main reason why I wanted to return to Marina Bay was for the night shots and long exposure shots. We didn’t bother going in the indoor gardens anymore because there were too many tourists and it was almost closing when we arrived. So we just went to the free and open areas and went shutter crazy.






DSC_6941I already have a photo of the Marina Bay Sands from the previous blog entry but of course I had to take a photo of it again.

On our third day, I didn’t take photos anymore because we used the remaining time to prepare for our flight back home. We were also tired and sore from all the walking that happened during the second day so were too sluggish to even try to take photos. We went back to the hotel around midnight so we definitely reached our walking quota.

Even if our trip was short, it was still a succesful one. We weren’t able to go to two planned food stops, but we’ll save that for another trip. Hopefully next time, there will be more of us.


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