Bake-Off and Food Hangout Party

It started with a conversation about baking tips.

One topic led to another, and before I could even comprehend what was happening, the group was already setting a date and a venue for this bake-off party. From a bake-off tutorial day, it became a full-blown party. One by one, people said yes to the invitation and all wanted to contribute to the menu.


I didn’t take pictures during that day because all of our hands were full, either from helping prep the baking goods or from munching on whatever was on the table. But I come bearing pictures from that day, in the form of doodles and cutouts.

(Note: Please forgive the text. I’m not used to writing freehand anymore. I wanted to edit what I wrote, but a backspace does not exist on paper. Ugh, the sentence construction is so horrible. lol Anyway, moving on.)


Since the group bonds over a card game called Werewolf, I doodled the people present like they were characters in a card game. In the course of two years since I joined the group, it has grown to a large ~family. That 17 people who were present that weekend? That’s not even half of the group. Because we play regularly, we have gone past the player status. Friendships have been formed, regular hangouts have been scheduled, and many stories have been shared.


Jason fulfilled his dream of being a mixologist, Julia ordered chicken for lunch, and Jejo brought freshly-made siomai from David’s Tea House for the munchies. Rasel brought bacon and Martin helped cook the carbonara. I was supposed to order pizza but it never arrived and we were never contacted by the pizza place.

I think more food came when more people came in the evening, but I left the party early to brave the Saturday traffic.

The highlight of the party were the baked goods. Edlyn and Cliff were the bake masters and the rest of us helped in cutting the apples, mixing the batter, and washing the bowls.

DSC_7004On the baking menu: Apple pie, banana bread, and crinkles.

I can’t bake, but I could create an oven and “bake” the food in it. It’s a heavy duty oven because the three pans could fit my oven. haha



DSC_7000Out of the three, I was only able to taste the apple pie. We forgot to time the apple pie and it stayed in the oven for more than an hour. But it still turned out great!


Once we chucked all the pans in the oven, we spent the rest of the afternoon chilling. Some of the guys brought out their guitars and provided the music. The rest of us sang along, and played card games.

It’s always fun hanging out with them. I rarely join their meet-ups because they always schedule it at night. And for a morning person, my social battery drains fast. Thankfully, they adjust once in a while and schedule day meet-ups once in a while to accommodate the small number of morning people.


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