Photos in Envelopes

Having a Long Distance Friendship (LDF, not to be mistaken with LDR) is very tricky, especially when a person is living halfway across the world. When we’re up, she’s in dreamland and whenever she’s up, we’re getting ready to sleep. Usually, there are only a couple of hours to chat and it’s not enough.

So when AJ wanted to be with the whole group as a gift, we made it possible for her.

Since we couldn’t be there physically, we thought about something personalized where all of us were present. And the DIY addict in me got cracking on the arts and crafts table.

The idea was to create an album of Instax prints and short notes that AJ can look at as a reminder that we always think of her and she’ll always be part of the group. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to find a design that I could use and tweak.

The Picture Holders


I used a coin envelope for the frame of each photo print. The photo print perfectly fits inside the envelope even after folding the bottom part for binding.

I cut a hole from one side of the envelope so that it would act as a frame for the photo and secure it in, without making the photo fall off.


I folded the bottom part of the envelope and cut two slits for the paper fastener.


After spending an hour cutting, folding, and making slits, it was time to place the pictures in the envelopes one by one.

Andy Karl’s picture is only for reference. That print’s mine. heh
So. Many. Photos.

I still had a bit of empty space on the envelope, so I stamped the name of each person. I initially wanted to practice my calligraphy but I figured that the ink might blot and I wasn’t really confident with my writing skills just yet. So I did the safest option and went for the rubber stamps.


Back and Front Covers
It seems that I never run out of illustration board. I found scrap illustration board from my bin and used that for the back cover of the album. The board paper was for the front cover.


I covered the illustration board with white paper and chalkboard sticker paper. Jason said that the sticker paper had a faux leather feel and ooooh, that’s a good comparison.


I don’t have a photo on how I did the front flap, but basically, I just cut the board paper with the same dimensions as the envelopes and the back cover. Then on the part that was folded, I glued on colored paper to add a design.

The Assemble
After all the cutting and pasting, it was time to assemble the whole thing.

Front cover with the fasteners in, the envelopes, and the back cover


I ended up making two albums because the fastener can only hold 10 or so envelopes. We even included little notes in the envelopes so it became a bit bulky. Once I was done, I secured the fastener by folding the flaps down.



Ready for Sending

Tadaaaah, the final product. I should’ve taken a picture of the front cover with AJ’s name written on it but I was planning to make it general just in case other people would want to recreate the album. (See AJ’s post at the end of the entry.) Anyway, on one album, I did I lettering of her name on the front cover. On the other album, I wrote the name of the group.



Jason took a side trip from his Morphicon duties to grant AJ’s wish of seeing all of her friends from [sys]. So the paper crane is a symbolism that the project flew all the way to the other side of the globe (sige, push pa yung explanation).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had to wait for AJ to receive the gift because it was planned as a surprise for her. And now that the album is in her hands and she has gone through every note and photo, I can finally share the final product with the rest of the world.

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