Years ago, my aunt gave me a souvenir from her Europe cruise. It was a blue pouch with a tassel attached to the zipper. Both the tassel and the strap were made of faux leather. I love it because it looked classy and I could bring a few important items for short trips. It could fit my phone and tablet, a small sleeve for my money, IDs, and a tissue pack.


However, the faux leather started to crack and fall apart. It became annoying because the leather flakes would fall off and leave traces everywhere.

DSC_7096The black specs are not dirt from my camera lens. Those are from the tassel and the strap.

I didn’t want to part ways with the pouch just yet so I decided to revamp it. The plan was to replace the tassel and cover the strap with yarn.

The tassel was secured by a screw and a dome-like zipper attachment. I used a small screwdriver (thanks, Dad!) and took off the tassel. Everything fell apart and I had to slice through the leather because it was stuck in the dome.


I used this quick tutorial on how to create a DIY tassel. I was able to score a huge ball of yarn for only PhP25 from a Japan Surplus Shop. I have been looking for black yarn for months now but couldn’t find the perfect thickness and texture. The moment I saw the yarn while we were checking out old cabinets, I immediately bought it even if I needed only a few meters for the project.

I wrapped the yarn around recycled cardboard until I got to the desired volume.


I tied a piece of yarn around the end of the loop before taking out the cardboard.


After taking out the cardboard, another piece of yarn was tied around the clump of yarn to secure the tassel.


The little lumpy part went in the metal dome and secured with a screw. My initial plan was to make sure that the screw went through the loop so that the yarn draped over the screw. I couldn’t see where the screw went, so… screw it (pun unintended).


To finish up, I cut the looped string at the other end of the tassel.


Tadah, my first ever tassel was a success.


As for the strap, I planned to scrape off the leather and wrap it with yarn. But it was taking long to scrape all of the leather off. I ended up cutting the strap off. Maybe when I invest in a sewing machine in the future, I can return to this project and attach a replacement strap. For now, the pouch will be strapless.


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