Writing Challenge #7: Doggy Dialogue

I haven’t written in 3 months. This is unacceptable, self. I asked help from friends for a dialogue to help me jumpstart the short story, but none of them was working. The dialogue that I chose was very random as my parents were preparing for the storm season. They hired some people to trim the huge tree in our lot right before the howling storm came.

Write 500 words starting with the next piece of dialogue you hear.

“Is she trained to stay put?”
“The gate is open.”

I sit crossed legged by the garden set, observing the commotion that was happening during my supposed nap time. There are four humans in my garden, one is family and the other three are strangers — at least to me. I don’t notice that the gate is wide open and an invitation to explore the world outside my comfort zone. Just like the humans, all our eyes were on the towering tree by the driveway.

“What part do you want to be trimmed?”
“The top part and some of the branches on the side that is touching the roof.”
“Can we take the wood back home?”

I watch as two humans climb up the tree, like monkeys using their hands and feet to scramble their way from one branch to another. They use a rectangular contraption to detach the unwanted branches from the tree. They wrap the branches with a leash and slowly lower it to the ground.

I stand up curiously and sniff the freshly cut wood. It would make a perfect chew toy no matter how big it is. No branch is too big for a creature like me. As I imagine sinking my teeth into the bark, the third human starts hauling the branch out of the gate.

I let out a whimper of protest and start following the branch. I devise a plan to take back the branch that came from my tree.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” My ears ring at the sudden call. I stop in my tracks. I know it is directed at me because all human heads suddenly turn in my direction.

They stand there and wait for my next move. Do I run after the branch that came from my tree or do I follow the orders of my human and stay put?


I fight the urge to give in to my instincts and take back what is mine. I give in to my human and plop myself back on the ground. I watch in disappointment as the huge branch disappears from view.

One by one the humans leave too until it is just me, alone, with my human standing beside me.

“Don’t worry, the tree stays. It’s all yours if you’re worried about that,” my human tells me. My ears perk up at the good news and I forget about the branch that I let go. My tail wags involuntary and I proceed in taking my much needed nap under the newly trimmed tree. [426 words]

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