Nine years of Planning the Planner

It’s a few days before we ring the new year, which means it’s almost time for another DIY planner reveal.

As I was planning for the new planner, I mentally did a recap of the previous planners that I have made. Then, I realized that I’ve been DIY-ing my planners for the past 9 years. Ohehey, 2019 is my 10th anniversary for DIY Planners. What started off as a “boo-hoo, I can’t afford a Starbucks planner” became an annual tradition to test my creativity and discover my love for DIY.

I’m ending 2018 by looking back at all my planner designs. My old blog used to feature all the planners that I’ve created throughout the years but I put it on private because of technical and third-party hosting issues. I won’t be able to link back to my old blog so I’m collating all 9 years in one post.

One (2019).
These were the days where I wished I had my own binding machine. I had my pages bound at UP Shopping Center (RIP that magical photocopying and binding place) after designing the covers and inside pages.


Two (2010).
My first attempt at a lame DIY bind. I wrapped the spine with a glittery elastic that I bought from a tiangge. In an attempt to make it waterproof, I covered the board paper with plastic wrap. I also did a white silhouette as a cover design.


Three (2011).
Went back to UP for my binding needs. I also started to become more experimental with the designs and did a lengthwise look. I think I was inspired by mini notepads on this.


I skipped DIY-ing this year because I couldn’t resist the wood cover of the Starbucks planner. I doodled on the cover though and drew the Christmas cup on it. Vowed (again) to save and not succumb to the planner craze.


Four (2013).
I had lots of inserts on this planner — cutouts for dividers, a slambook printout, and random images. I think this was also the year that I was obsessed with layers and textures even in my digital designs. Did a simple bind of metal rings through punched holes.

Five (2014).
This is the second attempt at binding, but with a more difficult style. My friend Ian suggested that I try Coptic binding because it’ll allow me to open the notebook fully while writing. It was also Doctor Who themed, as you can see from the doodled TARDIS on the cover.

Six (2015).
I attempted to do my own patterns for each month (which proved to be very difficult to brainstorm). This is my most favorite cover design from all the planners that I’ve created. The bind was also a simple backstitch, maybe because I didn’t want to do another Coptic binding. lol


Seven (2016).
I saw a triangular notebook (that opens up to a square) on Pinterest and I wanted to try it out for a planner. I wasn’t able to use the pages of 2015 that much because I wasn’t that busy and I figured 2016 would be the same. To save up on paper and space, I only did a monthly design.


Eight (2017).
After taking a break from difficult binding designs, I tried another kind of binding — the Hemp Leaf Binding. This was more difficult than the Coptic Binding because I learned that the holes should be big enough to fit three strands of string. The needle goes through the hole at least 3 times in order to achieve the design. Never again, until I am able to buy an awl.


Nine (2018).
You’ve all seen this planner which was one of the first posts of this blog. I went back to a simple backstitch bind and patterns. This time, I used patterned paper because I’m a lazy person and doesn’t want to think of patterns.

That’s nine years of gathering ideas and designs for DIY purposes. I hope that next year, I would be able to do more DIYs other than planners and notebooks. I have a lot of ideas saved in my Pinterest. All I need is my own DIY table and craft room. *ehem, hi mom, ehem*

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