Lines and Lines

Happy new year! And happy 10th anniversary to DIY planners!

If you missed the last post, I did a recap of all the DIY Planners that I have created for the past 9 years.

Since it’s a 10th-anniversary post, I wanted to incorporate bits and pieces from the past planners in the 2019 planner. See if you can spot them.

For this planner, I tried Coptic binding one more time (and keep on trying until I’ve gotten the hang of it). I made 6 signatures, where each signature had 2 months. I cut the paper lengthwise to make it look like a notepad and one spread would fit a week.


The first part of the tedious process was stamping the days. All my planners didn’t go through any form of printing to save up on ink (and time to design on Photoshop/ In Design). Before I decided on a final layout, I did some samples using different media.


I think my illustration board has 9 lives. I can’t remember when I bought that illustration board and I’ve used it for the cover of every planner. It’s as if I never run out of illustration board… until now. I finally used the last of that board which means I can buy a new stock for the next planner. Or I can just recycle from old cardboard.

For the cover, I covered it with the textured paper that I’ve saved from a previous planner project.


Last year was the most times that my friends and I have shared dog videos to each other. So I wanted to incorporate that into the design of the cover. I followed a minimalist geometric animal design from Pinterest to form a dog using black yarn.



I should’ve done a pig design since 2019 is the year of the pig and I’ve always wanted to have a teacup pig as a pet. Anyway, a dog is still a good choice.

I was able to unearth a set of letter and number stamps that were given to me as a gift when I was a kid. It was a perfect addition to this planner because it’s like having an additional font for stamping.


I used another idea from Pinterest so that the spine of the planner would not look plain. I used a page from an adult coloring book and cut strips to attach to each folded part of the signatures.


Once all the signatures and covers were complete, it was time to bind. I used SeaLemon’s tutorial before and it is still useful up to now. She provides an easy step-by-step process of binding notebooks.


For the monthly calendar that served as a division for each month, I cut out numbers from colored paper. I got the idea (again) from Pinterest which was like a silhouette design for the cutout numbers. Then, I stamped the days and wrote the dates of the month.



Rainbow months!


I worked on the planner for a month or two, by squeezing a few hours in between work. The finished product has been sitting on my desk for a few weeks and I have waited long enough to finally use it.


The spine with the flower pattern
Always dreaming of Disneyland


A little slot for business cards and a small pad for notes

If there’s a theme for this year’s planner, it would be minimalist with a hint of color in between pages. I tried to keep a black and cream/brown color scheme but I couldn’t resist adding some color. Also, I have way too many colored sheets and I need to use them up.

So here’s to keeping a minimalist 2019 (I need to declutter) while avoiding being bland.

[See the post on Pinterest.]

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