Designs for Clear Phone Cases

Part of the process of upgrading a phone is looking for a clear case that would serve two purposes: it should be shockproof and customizable.

I prefer buying a clear case because I could change its look many times without having to spend too much. I don’t need too many phone cases anyway. So as a compromise, I would spend once on a case then just customize the designs.

1. Stickers

The common design for clear cases is to make a collage out of stickers. Craft Central is not only a haven for crafters, but also a place for cute stickers.

I recently bought Popsockets because my short fingers needed help in holding my wide phone. I’m always scared that I would drop my phone, especially when I’m on a one-hand operation and my other hand is holding something (e.g. holding up a food item and taking a picture with the other hand).

The website didn’t carry Doctor Who Popsockets, so I opted for the next best thing: Harry Potter. I already had Harry Potter stickers by @quirkalchemy when I bought them at Craft Central’s Art Exchange Fair last year. I just rearranged the stickers to fit any blank space on the case and stuck on the Popsocket.


2. Patterned Paper

You all know by now that I don’t use adult coloring books for coloring purposes. haha I repurposed one of the pages from the adult coloring book that I received as a gift, and traced it to the size of the phone case. I also found a piece of wrapping paper from my paper stash that had a watercolor design. I used it as another design for the case.


How the coloring book page looks like with a floral Popsocket

3. DIY

This one required a little bit of arts and crafts. Time to get out the materials!

Finding a spot with good natural light

The first design was done on black paper. I traced and cut out the shape of the phone case, including the holes of the camera and the flash.



Used a puncher for the hole of the flash. I learned that from a lady who sold protective glass on phones.

Taking inspiration from Pinterest, I used chalkboard crayons to draw a floral design. I like how the colors popped out on a black background.



The second design was on white paper. I only had regular copy paper but it is recommendable to use watercolor so that the paper wouldn’t crumble after getting wet.

I wanted to do a geometric type of pattern using watercolor and washi tape. I made a pattern using washi tape then painted over the white spaces.



I waited for the watercolor to dry before peeling off the washi tape to reveal very clean and sharp white lines. Ohlalah, peeling off the tape was satisfying.




I now have four (five, if I include the stickers) designs to choose from and exchange whenever I feel like it. And I didn’t have to spend a single centavo for a new look!

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