Cuddled Up

I saw a bird’s nest today!

Mom first noticed that there was a bird who was constantly perched at the window railings of our house. She wondered why that bird kept flying to and from the railing, sometimes hopping into the tall potted plant beside the window.

It was our neighbor who discovered the nest. Settled in the bushy area of the plant was a nest, with two newly-hatched chicks huddled in it. They were still hairless and helpless, with their eyes still clamped shut like newborn babies.


The mother was somewhere, probably looking for food to feed her babies. I took the opportunity to take a picture of the sleeping chicks.

Soon, the mother arrived. Maybe because she saw me as a threat, a peeping Tom to her babies. haha Or maybe she was protecting her children from the afternoon wind and drizzle. I repositioned myself behind the window screen and took another photo.

“I see you, hooman.”

This is the first time that I have seen a bird’s nest that was within reach and near humans; probably because it was safer against the wall now that it’s officially the rainy season. There was a quick moment that the chicks panicked when the wind blew and the plant swayed. They opened their mouths to cry but no sound came out. I stopped snapping photos from my camera and my phone and gave some space for Mama Bird to come to her babies’ rescue.

This was taken with my phone.

I was also able to get a bird’s eye view (heh, pun unintended) of the nest from the second floor.



Looks like that plant isn’t going to get trimmed for a while so we won’t disturb the little family. I’ll check up on them once in a while to see their growth. I hope to see them chirping and take their first flight out of their nest.

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