Wedding Card

This is a story on how I crammed a DIY card in 30 minutes.

My cousin got married over the weekend. It was a fun event, with friends and family present. There were games, great food, lots of family reunions, and of course the much-awaited union of my cousin and his now-wife.

As a wedding guest, it’s customary to give a wedding gift to start off their new life as a married couple. And of course, being me, I just didn’t want to give a store-bought card along with our gift. It had to be a DIY one.

So a day before the wedding, after I finished my work for the week, I crammed the simplest card I could do. It’s off to Pinterest for ideas and inspirations for that card.

The wedding motif was pink so that became my base for the card. I picked this lace on brown paper design from Pinterest because I had similar materials.


The white tissue-looking cloth was the closest I could get to lace, so that’ll do. Since the tissue didn’t have the floral design of lace, putting it on brown paper looked bland. So I borrowed another idea from another Pinterest card where a brown string was wrapped around the cloth.


There was now an empty brown space. I remembered my old planner design where I drew white flowers on the brown cover. I reused that idea and drew white flowers on the top half of the brown paper.


It’s time to assemble! I secured the white tissue to the back of the brown paper with double sided tape, then attached it to the pink board.


I wrote the initials of the couple on the cover to personalize it. M&M, like the chocolate. They’re sweet. lol


The text I wrote inside was pretty general. I wrote a bible verse, the usual congratulations and best wishes, and still ended up with lots of empty space.

What to do with empty spaces? Doodle on them!

This cute doodle was based from a clip art, also from Pinterest.


Do married couples still do the “Just Married” banner on the car? I haven’t seen one for such a long time, well, at least in this country. Anyway, the doodle went into the card as well.


The card made its way to the wedding, reception, and to the hands of the couple. It was a rushed project but I like how it turned out. I should stock up on floral paper cutouts for future cards like this. But first, I should check if there is a wedding that I’m going to attend any time soon. haha

Congratulations to my cousin and cousin-in-law!

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