Pin It: DIY Christmas Decorations

When I make DIY projects, I usually take inspiration from Pinterest. But I haven’t really tried a Pin as is without making any alterations, until now. So this is a new series, Pin It, where I take Pins and recreate it.

I hope it’s not too late to drop some Christmas decorations, a few days before Christmas day. Actually, I created these in November, when there was a long break from work. It was only this week that I was able to transfer the photos to my laptop. I had been extremely busy the last quarter as we were all catching up on targets and deadlines. Work officially ended two days ago, so here we are, with spare time to post the last entry for the year.

I tried two easy pins as a start to this series.

One. Cardboard 3D Star (Original Pin)

We have a cookie tin that also triples as a music box and a mini Christmas tree. After finishing the cookies, we used the tin as decor. My mom said it was missing a star and requested that I make a one for the tin.

I started with board paper cut into a square. I still had scented board paper (that lost its scent) stored in my craft bin and used that. I folded it in half.


Then I creased one side by folding the corners up and down.

Then I folded the left side so that the lower left corner met the crease intersection of the right side. (Did that make sense?)


Then fold back that flap to meet the left fold.


Fold the right side up until the middle line, then fold it back.

Then fold the back flap towards the right to match the right edge.


Make a diagonal line from the top right corner, downwards to the left side. Cut along the line.


Unfold to reveal the star.


Of course a star has to be gold, so I painted it gold. It took me a couple of layers to get the gold color to pop out.


That ends the pin. The next problem was how to attach the pin to the tree, since the back was hollow. The star is intended for a hanging ornament, and not to be attached to something else. So I had to improvise.


I tested a cone using paper. The plan was to attach the top fold of the star to a cone then place the cone on top of the tree. It was like giving the tree a hat.

Once it looked possible, I used dark green paper to make the cone then attached the star using double-sided tape.


Tah-dah! It worked! Next time, I’ll make another star and attach it on the other side of the cone so that there’s no ugly side to the tree.


Two. Musical Tree Toppers (Original Pin)

This was pretty easy to make. All I needed were twigs and old music sheets.

I think the pin used barbecue sticks but there weren’t any at home. I went out to the garden and picked up fallen twigs from trees. This DIY forced me to go outside and get some sun. haha


I found some old music sheets from our recycling stack. The reason why I haven’t posted much is that I did a general cleaning of my college bin and threw away handouts that I didn’t need anymore. I saw some printed out music sheets which I didn’t need anymore so I used it for the project.


I cut each page into triangles. Then folded it up like an accordion.

I poked a hold in the middle then skewered the twigs through the hole.



I saw some gold stickers that were just the right size. I glued it to yellow paper for added texture then attached it to the end of the twigs with glue. It would be better to hot glue it for faster drying but my mom’s glue gun conked out on me. I need to buy a new one soon.


I propped the mini musical trees on a pencil holder. It was just fitting that I placed the trees on top of the piano with some Christmas lights.


Bonus. Christmas Balls wrapping paper.

This isn’t a Pin, but I’m including it because it’s part of the whole Christmas theme. I painted Christmas balls on Manila paper to spice up a blank sheet of paper for wrapping.

Christmas balls are the easiest to draw. There are only three simple steps. Draw circles.


Then paint on a small square on top of each circle.


Then draw a loop above the square to make it look like the string.


Let it dry and go forth and wrap gifts!


I hope everyone finds the time to stop and reflect on the meaning of the season. Merry Christmas!

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