Cutout Design for Clear Phone Case

Last year, I was able to use all the designs that I created (see post here). I paired it up with my selection of Popsockets, except for one.  So to match the last Popsocket, I looked for a new design without the need to buy new supplies.

In my envelope of scrap colored paper, I remembered having this manual that came with my Holga camera.

I probably need to go back to lomo. I don’t even remember if I left a roll of film inside it.

The back of it had instructions on how to use it. Only 1/6 of the whole insert was in English, so I cut that out and set it aside just in case I need to refresh my memory on how to use it (though the camera is pretty much a point and shoot type).


I picked a colorful area from the manual and used my previous sleeve as a pattern.

I just cut out the holes for the camera and the flash and inserted it under the case. I attached the Popsocket and tahdah, easy DIY phone case.


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