Starry Wall

One of the perks of having your own craft room is that you get free rein to do whatever you want. And that includes decorations.

In my bathroom, I chose a corner sink. It’s a small bathroom and a small corner sink saves up on space. When it was constructed, I asked for the walls to be painted white so that it would feel big and bright. However, when it was done, the wall with the corner sink looked like a hospital because it was all white from top to bottom. It’s one big empty slate that was desperate for any design.


My original plan was to use a removable wallpaper with a tropical design. I got the idea from Megan Batoon’s video when she DIY’d her bathroom. I wish it was that easy to find peelable wallpapers with pretty designs here in the Philippines. Daiso has peelable wallpapers but the designs are bland.

Months had passed and I still couldn’t find peelable wallpapers. Painting it Solenn Heussaff style crossed my mind but chickened out because (1) I’m not as talented as Solenn and (2) I don’t think I can commit to painting a wall with a permanent design.

So it was back to Pinterest for bathroom decors that are easy to do and could be changed when I get tired of the decor.

I decided on hanging wall decors using materials that I already have and could recycle. My main inspiration was the pin below with a little alteration on the stars.

1. I asked help from my dad to treat and varnish a broken tree branch. I looped some string twine on both ends of the branch so I could hang it on the bolts from the sliding door.


2. Recycling is still the way to go. I used old cardboard boxes and cut stars and diamonds out of it.


3. I covered the stars with brown paper (also recycled from paper bags). Some sides of the cardboard were glossy and I only had water-based paint so covering it with brown paper would make it easier for me to paint it.


4. I was supposed to copy the color scheme from the pin, but when I tried sampling them on the wall, a white-on-white star didn’t look good. So I scrapped the white and painted the stars with just blue and gold.





5. After doing multiple coats and leaving the shapes to dry overnight, it was time to string them together. I poked two holes — one at the top and one at the bottom — then threaded them together using white string.


6. I hung the branch first then one by one tied the star garlands from the branch. I didn’t follow any pattern. I just winged it based on how I felt about the size and shape combinations on the wall.

This is why I can’t be a vlogger or be on camera. I can’t be bothered to dress up or lo fix myself while doing a DIY. lol I tried taking a picture while hanging the star garlands but look at that unkempt look with an oversized shirt and my fake Star Wars shorts.


7. I hung the garlands with varying lengths to add some sort of angle. After a few knots here and there, the wall decor was done!


8. Before and after pictures. Ohhh, the white wall doesn’t look too empty anymore.



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