How To: Wash Ed Sheepan

The sheep is back.

Edge is a mechanical sheep that was given as a birthday gift. It was such a random gift but it became an instant hit when I posted his picture and video on Instagram. Its name was christened by my BFFs, when we were completing a 1000-pc puzzle and one of the edge pieces went missing. One of us started to sing an Ed Sheeran song, then the punny name came up. We eventually abandoned the puzzle and finding the missing puzzle piece, but the sheep’s name stuck.

Fast forward to years after. My other stuffed toys got their regular bath, except for Edge. I only knew one way of washing toys — let them all soak in soapy water and rinse it. Since Edge was a mechanical toy, I didn’t want to risk getting its insides rusty. Edge started to accumulate dust. From a fluffy, cream-colored sheep, Edge became a grey sad-looking sheep.


I missed taking photos of Edge, especially videos where he would interact with other toys. But I couldn’t bear seeing him in his dirty state while the other toys were clean.

Edge desperately needed a bath, so I decided that this year, Edge was going to have his makeover.

I originally tried to look for a tutorial on Pinterest so it could go with the #PinIt Series, but I couldn’t find one. It was off to trusty ol’ Google where I found an easy tutorial from

Materials Needed:
1. White washcloth – so that you don’t risk any color transfer or stains
2. Detergent – I used powder washing machine detergent
3. Container
4. Water
5. Hand Towel

1. Mix powder washing machine and water in a container. I just winged the measurements on this so I apologize if I couldn’t give exact an exact ratio of water to detergent.


2. Dip the washcloth in the soapy solution and start scrubbing and wiping away.

Rub, rub, rub
Look at all the gunk that Edge accumulated

3. Rinse by dipping the washcloth (which has to be cleaned first) in clean water and wiping the soap away. The soapy and clean water (steps 2 and 3) steps can be repeated until you feel like all the dirt has been wiped off. I did three rounds of it.


4. I toweled him off with a hand towel just to absorb the water from the rinse. Then I left him to be air-dried. Occasionally, I had to scrunch up his “wool” just to loosen the fibers and bring out the fluff. I also tried drying it off with an electric fan.


Edge with his biggest fan
Fluffing his wool

4. Once Edge was completely dried, the difference was really visible.


Baa-a-a-a-am! Photoshoot time because the fluff is back!



We end with a butt shot. Butt.

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