How to: Tighten Pants at the Waist Area

A Tiktok hack worked!

Buying pants that fit has always been a challenge for me because my body proportions don’t match the pants that are bought off the rack. I have wide hips, a small waist, and short legs (lol smol Asian girl problems). So most of the time, the hips part fit me but I end up having lots of space left in the waist area.

I always tell myself to buy a belt but belts are also meant to be styled. And usually belts add an illusion of cutting your body into proportions and make you look small if styled incorrectly. I don’t know anything about fashion so I stay away from belts as much as possible.

The next best thing was to tailor the pants to fit my body proportions. I’ve had this Tiktok hack pinned for the longest time that didn’t require any cutting, too much measurements, or a sewing machine. All I needed was the right needle, and I could wing it as I go.

To measure how much I would fold in and sew, I wore the jeans and pinched the fabric from the back. I remembered a video by Megan Batoon where she tried to thrift flip some jeans and took some sewing tips from her. Her flipping is much more complicated because she used a sewing machine and had to snip her pants. I ain’t got no time and courage for that. I just followed her idea of using a safety pin instead of a straight pin so that they don’t fly off when you take off the jeans. Anyway, I digress.

Using a safety pin also served as a marker in measuring the distance to the middle hem. Then, I drew a V from the two markers down to the middle.

Then I made a bar-like stitches across half of the V-pattern. I don’t know what that stitch is called. haha I just followed what was on the video.

After covering the whole area, I pulled on the thread to close the gap. Thankfully the thread didn’t break when I was tugging on the thread. (I apologize for the blurry pic. I was taking a video at the same time and didn’t have the patience to check if the picture came out well or even think about taking a second safety shot.)

I repeated the same thing on the other side. This is how it looks like from the inside after sewing.

And holy moly, this hack worked. It now fits perfectly on my waist and I don’t have to worry about the pants slowly falling down and showing a butt crack. It worked so well that I just had to do a quick change and flaunt that good jean fit.

I’ll be spending the next weekend tailoring the rest of my pants. Not that I have places to go to in the next month, but it’s nice to know that I have tailored jeans. Now, I need exercise to fill that butt area. lol My butt is as flat as it can be from sitting all day at work.

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