It’s OK to Be

I’m in a zine!

This year, my friend KB started a passion project called OK to BE. It is a monthly zine where creators — writers, illustrators, photographers, or anyone with a story to tell — submit their creations based on a central theme.

“Named after my newsletter inspired by a BTS album, it serves as both a reminder to feel OK to BE, whatever that means at any moment, and an avenue to help fellow creators put their work out into the world.”

KB, creator of OK to BE

Three issues have been released already, with entries focusing on food, nature/pets, and health. I loved reading the entries submitted by my friends, as they shared experiences of how they were able to cope and deal with trying times brought about the pandemic or life in general.

KB asked me to contribute to the third issue, which is about health. I was hesitant to contribute because I felt like I wasn’t qualified to talk about it. I’ve mentioned in a previous entry that I’m still figuring things out and taking life one step at a time. I can’t say that I am in a good place or that I am healthy. I’m just… alive.

Then, while reviewing the previous issues to get an idea of what I could write, I realized that the contributors wrote about their experiences. Reflections. Moments of vulnerability. Process of healing.

I didn’t have to be an expert or be in my healthiest state. I could write about my current situation as I aim to find what healthy means to me: physically and mentally. Aaand that’s what I did. I wrote about how I took a break from everything and learned how to rest — by Respecting boundaries, Entering in love and kindness, Surrounding myself with the right people, and Trusting the process.

You can read the full entry by heading over to and purchasing a copy of the zines. You can choose between a digital or print version. I always order the print versions because they come with surprise freebies.

Angy RJ not included in the freebies lol

If you want to contribute in future issues of OK to BE, sign up by clicking here.

You may also support KB by following her online accounts:

2 thoughts on “It’s OK to Be

  1. Noonmin!!! Always humbled by you, your work, and your support. Thank you for sharing your stories with me! At sana bati na kami ni angy RJ hehe, hope he enjoyed the zine~ See you soon and borahaeee!


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