How to: Remove Sticky Waybills

During this pandemic, I discovered and learned the wonders of online shopping. I’m an over-the-counter type of person and still prefer to do shopping in the mall (because I hate to be bothered by deliveries at home lol), but I do appreciate the convenience of online shopping. It’s also so tempting to BUY ALL THE THAAANGS when there’s an app that has everything you need.

And by need, I mean all the craft materials that I want. Label maker! Screw punch! Paper cutter (I bought this already)! Bookbinding needle (Also purchased already)!

One thing I don’t like about online shopping is the amount of plastic and bubble wrap that I receive. Every item delivered comes in a plastic bag which isn’t looking good for our environment. Gotta recycle or donate it to organizations that convert plastic to eco-bricks or plastic chairs.

But before reusing the packaging, I have to get rid of the personal details on the waybill. I can’t just send the plastic off into the world with my name and address stuck on it. We have to protect our personal information as much as possible because it can be used to scam people.

For months, I’ve been on the lookout for easy ways to take off the waybills. Thankfully the online shopping app released a newsletter on the different ways to properly dispose of waybills.

  1. Cut the waybill or use a puncher
    Those things aren’t easy to pick off with your fingernail because they are really STUCK on the plastic. Scraping it with your fingernail or a pair of scissors will just put holes in the plastic, then it’ll be unusable. This probably works if you’ll stuff the shredded plastic into plastic bottles to be made into eco bricks.
  2. Shade with a black marker
    I don’t trust this because you can still see the details when you shine a light on it. Also, this will make me buy black markers which will just add to the trash and expenses.
  3. Use a protection roller stamp
    Just like the black marker, do I really need another excuse to buy online? lol
  4. Soak in water
    This is the most effective and best option of all. I didn’t need to buy anything. I just had to use whatever was available at home.

All you need are two materials:

  • A spray bottle (or if you don’t have one, just use your hands) with water
  • A garden trowel, a spoon, a ruler, or something blunt that you can use to scrape

For blog and public post purposes, I covered the important details with a black marker. On the regular, I skip this step.

Spray water on the waybill. Wait for a couple of minutes for the waybill to be completely soaked.

Then scrape!! I don’t scrape everything. I just scrape on the addresses, order numbers, bar codes, and QR codes. Basically anything that would trace the plastic bag back to me.

It’s ready to be reused and recycled! For now, I reuse it as lining for my trash cans. As for the bubble wrap that comes with the packaging, I’m still looking for a nearby recycling center. Or a time to get out of the house. Yep, I’m still part of the working force that works from home.

If you’re looking for organizations to drop off your recyclables and plastic items, you can check this list.

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