“Be messy.”

The creative geniuses — Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, to name a few — had one thing in common: a messy desk. Science has proven that a messy desk encourages creativity and becomes the spark for new ideas. It offers options to tinker, experiment, evaluate options, and think outside the box.

20200412_101813I’ve always enjoyed a messy desk while working, may it be a hands-on or a digital project. Sheets of paper, colored pens, pencils, cutting tools, paintbrushes, little paint containers are scattered on my table and I am left with a small space to do the actual DIY project. I always end up with at least 10 tabs open and 5 folders when writing for work. It seems chaotic, but there is a sense of security when I see all the tools and resources in front of me.

This blog is a fresh start to share the products of my messy desk. I’ve been blogging for more than a decade and I felt like I needed to declutter my blogger past. So instead of deleting and rearranging an old house, I decided to move and start anew on a different blog. My previous blogs will remain as a time capsule for me. One day, I’ll revisit them and track improvements that I have made along the way.

Welcome to A Messy Desk, my messy desk.

– Naomi P.