“The creative adult is the child who survived.” 
— Ursula Leguin

Creativity still happens beyond my own messy desk. I’m a writer by profession, and an amateur photographer and crafter on the weekends. My writing jobs involve working with and for children, because I am inspired by their creativity, imagination, and sense of wonder. These are just some of my published work which I hope reflects the child-like wonder and creativity in learning about the world.



An Anthology from the
Creative Writing Students
of Batch 2006
Published by Central Books, 2006

Fish Out Of the Water

Staged at 30th season
TALAB: Tanghalang Ateneo. Live. Act. Beybeh!
Ateneo de Manila University
December 11-13, 2008

Learning to Rest

Seen on OK to BE Zine, October 2021
Published by KB on Gumroad


Math Textbook for Kids
aged 6+
Published by Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc.

Nestle Ready E-Cademy


Balancing Your Work and Your Child’s Online Learning

Webinar Hosted on YouTube
Presentation Design and YouTube Hosting

21st century learning

As seen on Prezi


Tales from the 7,000
Islands: Filipino Folk

Available on Amazon.com
Written by Dianne de Las Casas and Zarah Gatatiga

Starstruck on GMA

As seen on gmanetwork.com


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