Bloom on the Moon

The blood moon rose again, along with the flowers that bloomed for Spring.

Last night’s Blood Moon was a rare sight because the world experienced a super moon, a total lunar eclipse, and a full moon. It’s also called a Flower Moon, named after the season when the flowers blossom. Spring does not exist in my tropical country, so I’ll just imagine that the Moon is our pretty flower blooming for us.

The lunar eclipse started around 6 PM in our timezone. I was able to catch the latter part of the eclipse, when the Earth was starting to move away from blocking the sun. It was perfect timing just to see the moon transition from red to grayish white, just like seeing a flower bloom from a bud.

This Super Flower Blood Moon felt special because its name fits my theme for 2021: Bloom. I’m still in the process of blooming and I think 2021 is my spring time. Let’s see where 2021 will take me, if it’ll be my time to reach the full bloom and the full moon in my life.

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