Doodling Singapore

Part of my journey towards rediscovering creativity is going back to doodling. It partially died a few years back when I lost the drive to create. But now that I’m picking myself up — one creative project at a time — I have decided to go back to one of those artistic outlets that I enjoy doing.

To inaugurate my return to doodling, I did a recap of our trip to Singapore. Funny coincidence, the first travel doodle that I did was my first visit to the same country.


I have so many outlets already to help me get back to the creative groove. No more excuses, self!

I think I still learn how to layer my washi tapes and stickers properly.


Since I don’t have an instax for photo prints, I doodled the photo prints instead.

I initially planned to place all three days on one spread so that it’ll fit the photo, but the tickets and boarding passes took a lot of space. I ended up allotting one day per page.



I’m happy that journaling is on the rise again. I love browsing through Instagram and taking inspiration from the artists who journal their daily life and travel. I’m still far from their level because they can draw waaaaaay better. But that shouldn’t stop me. I’ll make do with whatever skills I have then improve from there. One small doodle at a time.

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