Writing Challenge: The Missing Sorceress

Oh boy, it’s been more than a year that I did a writing challenge. I apologize to my brain, to my college degree, and to the promise of practicing. After an accidental hiatus from the writing challenge, it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and dive into another writing challenge.

My prompt won’t be from the list that I’m completing, but from a series of illustrations called the Story Box. I bought it during my Singapore trip in 2018 and it has been sitting on my shelf for two years. It’s a game box where you have to put together puzzle pieces and make a story out of it. You can use all the puzzle pieces to make one long story. I blindly picked 7 pizzle pieces for this writing exercise.

The whole process is like those writing prompts where you have to pick random words and forcibly insert them in your story, but for this challenge it’s pictures. The goal was to keep it short, like a children’s book. It shouldn’t be too wordy or elaborate. The story may be simple, but it should be coherent and sensible.

I started the outline in April and got stuck somewhere in the middle of the story (meaning the 3rd and 4th blocks) because the pictures didn’t fit naturally into the plot. Every weekend I went back and forth, trying out different scenarios to make sense of the illustrations.

After three rewrites and numerous drafts, I finally finished it today.

The Missing Sorceress

There once was a king and his daughter who lived in a castle. Their kingdom was happy, content, and had everything they needed.

But there was something missing.

“I need a brave knight!” said the king.

A squire, who was waiting to be a knight volunteered. “I’ll take the quest!”

Armed with a sword and pack of supplies in his bag, the squire set off on his horse for an adventure.

“Hiyah!” he said to his horse.

He searched high and low, up the mountains and through the dark woods. The day was ending, the woods were getting thicker, and the person he was looking for was nowhere to be found.

Then, in the deepest and darkest part of the woods, he saw a house. He knocked on the door, hoping to seek shelter for the night.

He squealed in delight as the door opened. The king was looking for a masterful sorceress and she was standing right in front of the squire.

“The King has been looking for you!”

According to the prophesy, a sorceress would be the King’s advisor in running the kingdom. Her magic could help protect the kingdom, find cures for the sick, give spells to keep the crops from dying.

The princess remembered that she once had a tutor who taught her all about the secrets of the forest and how magic can be used to help people. The tutor left after years of teaching the princess and now the King needed her back.

There was a big celebration at the squire’s return and the completion of the King’s court. Everyone was invited and there were food and drinks all around.

“My love is back!” the King exclaimed.

The people discovered that the sorceress was also the King’s lost love. They fell in love while the sorceress was tutoring the princess. But the sorceress had to go to study more magic and discover new spells.

Now, she was back and all was well in the kingdom.

“Cheers!” said the king and the sorceress, who was now his queen. “Shall we toast to new adventures together?” asked the King.

The Queen promised to take the King and the princess to future trips. In her excitement, she cast a happy spell that made their drinks fizzy with delight.

Then the King started to feel queasy. With a hiccup and a poof, the King suddenly transformed…

into a frog.

“Oh dear,” said the queen. “There must be something I put in the fizzy drink I made.”

The King let out a load croak.

“I guess we have to discover a spell to bring you back, my love.”

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