Writing Challenge #4: 3 Minutes (Part 5)

After a month, I finally am able to conclude this 5-part writing challenge. I started with a different character but I hit a dead end writing it. I switched characters with a more promising plot. However, it took me a while to figure out how to write it and keep to the theme of 3 minutes.

Now that I’m done with this 4th challenge, can you now guess which werewolf role matches the characters?

  • Part 1: Daisy – the princess (the original role in the game is the prince, which cannot be lynched the first time because of the royal status. Therefore, Daisy wasn’t hanged by the public)
  • Part 2: Lizzie – the guardian angel (prevented the serial killer from killing Daisy)
  • Part 3: Charles – the mayor (declared safe once role is revealed to avoid lynching)
  • Part 4: Prudence – the detective (can check someone’s role and get a lead on who the killer is)

P.S. I was supposed to add another character — a person equivalent to the wild child — as someone infected by rabies and sent into insanity upon hearing that her precious dog had died. I named her Kellie. However, I was going in circles with that story, so I decided not to push through with ending the challenge with her story. I’ll just park it as a draft before deciding on this plot.


Louella (the gunner)

The second Louella heard the screams, she knew it had to be her target.

Since that morning, she and the rest of the town guards had been patrolling the streets. Prudence, the town detective, had a lead on the port murder case. She handed out flyers before sending the guards to search for the killer.

The flyer read:

Killer on the loose.
Possibly an animal or human with violent nature, caused by an infection.

If you see anyone or anything with the following signs, report them to the authorities immediately. Do not approach the suspect. The infection could be contagious.

– High body temperature
– Seizures and halluciations
– Paralysis
– Fear of Water
– Jaw is dropped and is salivating
– Inability to swallow
– Change in tone of bark (for animals)

Louella was assigned five areas in the town to search. The first four were cleared. She asked every household if they have seen or knew anyone that had the symptoms stated on the flyer. No one had seen anything suspicious and everyone seemed to be in perfect health.

Until she reached the fifth area.

It was a woman’s scream, followed by the cries of a child. Louella picked up her pace, hoping that the child wasn’t harmed.

She turned a corner to see a mother holding her child in her arms. In the child’s hands was a bowl, with some of its contents spilled all over the floor. A dog stood in front of them. Its eyes were fixed on the mother and child.

“Here, boy,” Louella called out to the dog, hoping to create a distraction and let the pair escape. She noticed that the dog’s paws and snout was covered in dried blood, as if it devoured and clawed somebody in rage.

The dog ignored Louella. It bared its teeth and let out a low growl, sending the child to cry louder and drop the bowl that he was holding.

Water splattered everywhere. It startled everyone, including the dog. Louella immediately took out her gun, in case the dog would instinctively pounce on the child and cause futher harm.

But the dog cowered in fear. It whimpered and wailed when some of the water splashed on him, as if bullets were fired. But Louelle had not even fired her gun. “Interesting,” Louella thought to herself, “The dog is scared of water.”

Louella waved for the mother to run to safety. The mother clutched her child and fled. The dog growled as it watched its prey get away, but was left paralyzed after being doused with water.

Louella pieced the clues together. She had found the culprit.

She had orders to shoot on site. People or animals infected with the virus were uncurable and the only way to stop the virus from spreading was to put a bullet in it.

She aimed her gun. There were two bullets in the barrel, but only one mattered. [491 words]


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